The past, the present, and the future all walk into a bar at the same time.


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Hello! I'm a big fan of your tumblr. I wonder what are your expectations for the future of the Winter Soldier and Black Widow in the film. For knew Sebastian Stan signed nine contracts. I'm really anxious, I'd love to see them together like in the comics.


Well it’s hard for to me to say what my expectations are. We know that Sebastian Stan has seven more movies left in his contract. I’ve never been able to find any information about whether Scarlett Johansson has a six or nine movie deal, so it’s hard to say how many movies she has left – though if they do decide to do a Black Widow movie, I would be kinda shocked if she didn’t renew her contract. So let me tell you what I want to happen.

I want a Black Widow movie.

I want a Black Widow movie set in the present day. I want a Black Widow movie set in the present day with Bucky as Natasha’s Bond Girl. I want a Black Widow movie set in the present day with Bucky as Natasha’s Bond Girl where they go after the masterminds of the Red Room (who also had a hand in keeping the Winter Soldier brainwashed). Maybe that person or persons was HYDRA all along, embedded into or recruited from the KGB*. Maybe they offered their services to the highest bidder during the collapse of the Russian economy in the 1990s and that’s how they ended up with HYDRA. Either way, HYDRA has its own Red Room and the Black Widow and the Winter Soldier are going to shut it down.  At the very least, I want Yelena Belova. I would love to see Madame Hydra to be at least introduced in the film.  This is basically what I want in a Black Widow movie.

Now for specific Bucky/Natasha things I want:

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Imagine Natasha buying all the Avengers little merchandise Avenger dolls.


she goes to FAO schwartz to buy herself candy and a giant stuffed lion one day and stumbles across peter parker in the meet and greet (as spider-man, clearly.) all the workers think he’s an actor, but she would recognize that stance anywhere. she goes up to take a picture with him and mutters, “inconcievable,” to which he responds, “you keep using that words. i do not think it means what you think it means.”

yeah, it’s peter.

anyway, while she waits for the picture line to go down, she stumbles across these little figures and buys them all. she leaves the spiderman one for peter and brings the rest home, and then scours the internet for versions of bucky and sam.

the hulk finds his figure one day. natasha enters the common area to find him sitting on the floor, balancing it on one huge finger and tapping it on the head with a smile on his face.

The Homoerotic Subtext Panel today at Dash Con


I want to thank EVERYONE who was a part of the Homoerotic Subtext panel today (July 12th 2014) at Dash Con.  This was standing-room-only-people-turned-away-because-the-room-was-full.   I was amazed.  I really wasn’t sure if we would get more than the 20-some friends I’d peer-pressured into attending, so the turn-out was a beautiful surprise.  

My friends who are not at the con have told me that people are saying some weird stuff on tumblr about this panel but let me make it clear: If someone came to this panel expecting doe-eyed fanning over cis gay white ships WOW did they come to the wrong place LOLOLOLOLOL

What they got was three badass queer people (myself as a bi cis woman, Mark a cis gay latino at markdoesstuff, and Sasha an ace cis woman at sashaforthewin) speaking out about the good, the bad, and the ugly of subtext, shipping, fanworks, bi/ace/pan invisibility, the lack of trans characters, the green bean bullshit that is queerbaiting, the lack of POC, the political responsibilities when straight people write m/m, the pervasive sexism in fandom/media, the lack of femslash, the lack of good female characters to ship, and where to find actual representation.   I also gave away a snakesnakesnake.  

If anyone wants to see the prezi the accompanied the presentation, you can view it here along with citations.  We also made an audio recording of the panel and I hope we can make that available soon.  

Personally, I want to thank Mark and Sasha for making this one of the best queer public speaking experiences of my life.  I’ll be frank — I worked my ass off on this presentation and it has been in careful planning for months.  I was supposed to present it with another queer woman that was in a car accident last week.  She was not able to come and the Dash Con admins found me Mark and Sasha last minute but we totally gelled.  I think we all understood the need for this panel to be real to queerness — to praise those things worth praising and call out the things that are fucked.   

It was amazing to get up there to educate, discuss, laugh, and speak my truth as a bisexual woman.   It was amazing to be a part of this talented queer team.  

And it was beautiful to have 200+ people sit quietly and really LISTEN to queer people talking about these things.  Afterwards, I had people clamoring to talking to me in the hall, thanking me for not sugarcoating it, or saying it totally opened their eyes.  I had to drag myself away from the crowd because I was starving.  I have no words adequate enough to express my gratitude.  I am humbled and I am wowed.

So thank you Mark and Sasha, thank you to everyone who came, and thank you to Dash Con for making this experience so wonderful. 

- Sarah 





Thank you, liquify tool

Oh c’mon, 600 followers, I spent like, a good five minutes on this!

The demon has been slayed

In light of this thing I made, I felt this was an appropriate thing to reblog. Good job, thetrainticket, five minutes well spent.



Say what you want about avatar, but at least it has multiple examples of the avatar being women and/or PoC, unlike a certain other show with a reincarnating character who somehow is always a white guy. 








Admit it we were all a little bummed out that the old lady didn’t actually all that badass fighting in this scene




I choose to believe that before the Alzheimer’s really set in Peggy and a bunch of the other retired ladies of SHIELD used to tell their families they were going out for bingo nights and then drive into the roughest parts of the city to bring some sweet vigilante justice. Nobody ever heard about it because none of the criminals were ever willing to admit they got their asses kicked by a bunch of grandmas, but there was a sudden drop in crimes against the elderly in DC. 

I was so disappointed in the theater, I wanted her to be an awesome senior SHIELD exec taking charge of the moment.

Yep.  I wanted it to be the senior stateswoman, even though I love  the Widow.

I actually said “yes!!!” And clapped a hand over my mouth in the theater. But I was grinning the whole while.

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